How to Manage Chronic Procrastination | Start Small, Start Now

Now! What are we supposed to be doing? In state, we have decided to read through this blog post. Please wait! I don’t mean you close this website at this moment. Skimming is the reading through an article very fast, just to note down only, the most important points.

However, procrastination is when we lie to ourselves while we know very well that we should be paying attention to a task. We silently say that we will do it in the next minute, or next hour, then tomorrow which never comes, and eventually, the task is left undone. The task is absolutely left undone in the expected time frame.

We then end up putting in a lot of energy at the deadline’s last minute with lots of guilt and shame to ourselves. Sometimes we complain, give blame, and lame excuses.

This situation is a painful feeling to our minds, bodies, souls, and spirits. You are not alone, we are very many and therefore we can help each other to manage this situation. We all have good intentions to work for the betterment of our personal motivation and development. We also commit ourselves to making this planet a better home for all. Procrastination comes in to corrupt our consciousness thus making us look lazy, stupid, and unsuccessful. It is such a nuisance that keeps on pulling us not to meet our key objectives in life. This may happen even when our emotions, and mental and spiritual relationships have a superb reflection towards getting up the ladder.

Let us jointly recap what we are supposed to be doing now; the beauty of that work and then think of, if we could do it this way;

  • Break the task into manageable segments
  • Start with the most enjoyable part of the assignments
  • Avoid the siren song that causes destruction like pop-up ads on a web page

A good example can be of some of the best footballers in the world like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and an Italian Filippo Inzaghi of ACMilan club.

When they decide to take Argentina and Portugal to the top, they never give their feet chances to delay. It doesn’t mean that there are no opponents who are chasing this very dead wounded skin under feet. They act aggressively and professionally to conquer. They take advantage of men procrastinating in between the goalposts. They score, celebrate very fast then immediately get set for the next challenge. They have no time to regret it. They are specific and therefore know that all they need is to lead. Procrastination will always want to impose its symptoms of failure through sabotage, blackmail, and intimidation of all efforts to be smart.

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Achievable
R – Realistic
T – Time-bound

At some point in time, there is a need to invite aspects of self-realization and compassion. Getting into the present is ideal, by perhaps starting small and starting now. When we look around to see everything and realize that all is perfect, we will also have an obligation to listen to the sounds around us. If what is seen and heard is not amazing, then we will be required to find a solution– most likely a permanent solution. Not tomorrow, but now! No matter how small or little we start getting the solution, the end result will determine the efforts especially when the issue is fully sorted.

Can you stand; Kindly stretch your arms wide to open the chests. Please, close your eyes then breathe in through your nostrils, and breathe out through your mouth. Repeat the process once more, and again.  Open your eyes, and relax. Here you are. We are all here in the present and aware of our environment. Of course, we are positive! We are honest with ourselves that all is well. This positivity will help us justify the time wasted.

Take a notebook and pen. Jot down what you are thinking (In the next paragraph, I will show how to write thoughts). For a bigger thought, don’t worry. Segment it into manageable projects. Write down what you will be doing to tackle this project and the specific time: This will not only help us understand our present selves, but plan for our future selves. The success of our tomorrow is determined by these small things like breathing in and out and writing our ideas with a focus on implementing them as soon as possible. If our goals get to an end, then we will be officially lost. I literally mean that we will not be complete, instead, we will be finished. However, there is room for reinvention, innovation, and renovation.

How to write down our thoughts;

  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Avoid technical terms
  • Don’t include the cost at the beginning
  • Follow the simplest pattern possible
  • Develop general problem
  • Present the plan as the best solution to the prospecting problem.
  • Motivate ourselves with Obama’s slogan “Yes we can!”

Before and during implementation, we will be required to seek advice from people who can help us rise. People who are ahead of us. “If we never ask, we may never get.” We are all connected to each other in a special way. Required are cooperation, collaboration, consultation, coordination, consensus, and concurrency to proportionally function, perfectly fine in superb harmony with each other.

When we congest our minds with accumulated tasks that have not been attended to, and then add new tasks, our bodies and minds also get worried and end up developing complications that would cost us more resources to address. It is therefore important to take action ‘now’ in order to attain our future goals.

Did you wake up today just as we always do to the smell of coffee? Then you felt fully rejuvenated with enhanced energy to jumpstart your daily schedule. It is time to tackle pending assignments to pave the way for prospecting hot deals of the day. Discipline, focus, and consistency under self-supervision are the best tools at this moment.

If we are in our twenties and thirties, then we have energy. We must take action by working hard, earning income, and making savings for the future and retirement. We should invest in generating sufficient returns. Some people invest in businesses, others in families, or both. We must all invest in good health, and in fact, education is power, just to name a few.

Young adults, adults, and the elderly gradually start running acute shortage of energy. However, if we have enough money which was collected at a young age, we can be able to hire strong, energetic young men and women to work for us. Let the money work for us. Pity imagination when we embrace procrastination and forget to work on the present moment. Now imagine that at our retirement age, we have lost energy and don’t have money altogether. It is so sad that we ignored insurance agencies who tried hard to advise us on matters of pension coverage. Guess they were not very wrong, we only thought that there was next time to invest our time and energy maybe in properties and capital market. It is called procrastination. We recall when we skimmed business magazines and pages in the newspapers, and never thought about how money could work for us in the future.

This morning, were you so active that you stretched your hand to snooze the alarm with the intention of extending your bedtime? Then you are sick! You must seek a bit of quick advice. You must research the origin of the word ‘procrastination’ and get to know when this word will set you free.

Anyway, the past has no explanation and the future can’t justify it. We shall be happy when we work toward attaining our goals with sober minds. People with big names are our role models because they value every single minute of their lives. They are always working hard towards what they want; Jeff Beroz, Bill Gates, Bernard Arnault, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, MarkZuckerberg, Michael Bloomberg, Larry Page, Mukesh Ambani, Jim Walton, Alice Walton, Jack Maand Charles Koch among others. The very best measures towards changing the world are by changing ourselves by the way we do every small task in front of us. This word ‘procrastination’ might be difficult to pronounce and therefore it should never describe the state of our minds.

May Peace of Mind Prevail!

Thanks for reading.

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