32 Great Things you’ll Need to Know about Kenya and Kenyans | Kenya’s Sense of Pride

Kenya remains a unique African country with people of different personalities, wildlife, and landscapes among other features.

  1. Location and Climate Seasons: Kenya is an East African country measuring an area of 580,367 km2. Her climate and seasons change depending on the months of the year; from blowing dry air, blowing moist monsoon, heavy long rains, and from cold to dry.
  2. The beauty of the Kenya national flag: The Kenyan flag is a four-colored where each color has a significant meaning for her nation. Black represents the African people, white symbolizes peace, red is for bloodshed during the struggle for independence, and green is for the nature and general beauty of the Kenyan landscape. The flag also has a Maasai shield, two spears for defense, and a lion for world life.
  3. National anthem: The Kenya national anthem is patriotic music composed by a commission of five composers. It was first sung on the twelfth day of December in 1963. It was initially an African song heard in the Pokomo community of Kenya, a tune sung by mothers to their children.
  4. Athletes: Kenya’s athletics prowesses have broken more world records than any other African country. Kenyans from Rift Valley, a Kalenjin community have maintained the upper hand, making Kenya win over 60% against other nations across the globe.
  5. The Kenya National Park: Kenya has a national park covering approximately 117 km next to her capital city. From the park to the city is a walking distance of approximately 7 km. It has a diverse wildlife population including lions, giraffes, waterbucks, rhinos, baboons, buffalos, gazelles, zebras, hartebeests, cheetahs, impala, hippopotamus, leopards, elands, ostrich, vultures and many more.
  6. Tribes: Like the Babylon towers, Kenya has 44 different communities speaking different languages. These include The Maasai, Kikuyu, Luo, Luhyia, Kisii, Kuria, Kamba, Kalenjin, Ameru, Embu, Mijikenda, Orman, Rendile, Suba, Samburu, Swahili, Taita, Turkana, Tharaka, Mbeere, Gabra, Borana, Njemps, IIchamus, Sakuye, Waat, Konso, Gosha, Isaak, Wawana, Dasenach, Galla, Galjeel, Leysan, Bulji, Teso, Makonde, Kenyan American, Kenyan European, Kenyan Asia, Kenyan Arabs, Nubi, Somali and the Makonde. Most of these tribes are further scaled down into sub-tribes – for instance, the Luhyia community has eighteen sub tribes including Isukha, Bukusu, Maragoli, Banyala, Banyore, Batsotso, Gisu, Idakho, Kabras, Khayo, Kisa, Marachi, Marama, Masaaba, Samia, Tachoni, Tiriki and Wanga. Each tribe has a unique history, culture, and language.
  7. Awards: Think of Lupita Nyong’o. She is the first African to win an Oscar for best supporting actress. As a Kenyan national by birth, she’s ranked acting in the Black Panther movie which broke record at the United States of America box office. Wangare Maathai was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, in 2014 for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy, and peace to secure the environment for future generations.
  8. Actors, and Actresses: Edi Gathegi acted in X Men First Cass, and Lupita Nyong’o acted in movies like Black Panther, Queen of Katwe, and Star Wars.
  9. Mount Kenya: What a great pride to put your foot on the peak of the second largest mountain in Africa. Mount Kenya has the highest peak measuring 5.2 km above sea level thus capped with snow white. Hiking this mountain gives a great experience.
  10. Migration of the great wildebeest: Among the seven wonders of the world, Kenya is listed at least once every year during July and August. During this moment,  at the Masaai Mara, more than one million wildebeest giraffes and zebra migrate between Maasai Mara in Kenya and Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.
  11. Landscape: At many points, you’ll feel that you must stop for a while just to take a glance and photos of Kenya’s beautiful landscape, seas,  rift valley sceneries, and general nature views.
  12. Academicians: Professor Ngugi wa Thiong’o is an author and a well-known writer of books, plays, songs, short stories, and essays ranging from children’s literature to social criticism.
  13. Rugby Sevens: Kenyan rugby players make Kenya proud for their tremendous overall performance in the International Vancouver Series. They managed to beat scaring giants such as England, Spain, and Australia among others.
  14. Political power:  Over two decades now, Kenya’s political sphere has been on the global look and follow-up. This is one of the very few countries where the Supreme Court nullified presidential elections and called for a repeat of elections. A country whose presidents had cases at the International Criminal Court (ICC).
  15. Kenyans on Social media: Kenyans aggressively use social media as a tool to address issues for example Kenyas on Twitter (#KoT). It once cost CNN executives to seek an apology after mentioning Kenya to be a hotbed of terror’ before Obama’s visit.
  16. Innovators of Technology and Creativity: Kenyans use available resources to solve problems and, as a way of creating opportunities for themselves. Consider the Mpesa application that was launched in 2007, which allows the world to transact right on mobile phones.
  17. Matatus: These are public service vehicles. In Kenyan history, the word matatu translated as three, was used because busfare was only 3 pennies to wherever destination. These are common and the most affordable means of transport on the streets across the country, operated by licensed drivers and touts. Many matatus have well-designed and unique craft paintings and booming music and some offer free wifi. Touts of different matatus will always compete among themselves calling loudly on passengers to board.
  18. Mysterious umbrella hawkers: It is difficult to predict rainy weather in Nairobi especially when in the city centre. The clouds seem covered by industrial residues. Suppose the weather suddenly switches to rainy, what happens will surprise you. Within a few minutes or so, there will be hawkers all around selling umbrellas.
  19. Natural forest: Natural forests cover approximately 1.2 percent of Kenyan land. If you happen to visit, then you can easily discover and identify indigenous tree species like Ciders, Meru Ok, camphor, and Mugumo. These among others can be found in Kakamega rain forest, Karura forest, Mau forest, and Abardares. Also meet monkeys, baboons, reptiles, butterflies, birds, and many more wildlife.
  20. Magical curiosity: Sometimes you may think Kenyans are idle. It is wrong because they are just curious. If you stop on the streets, then stare at any tall building around you, pretending to be surprised by what is happening at the top. Suddenly, you’ll have a lot of people around you, trying to help you forge the incident out of curiosity.
  21. Mama Oliech Hotel: Kenya is the country where an image of the Facebook founder, Mark Zukerberg is printed on the menu at Mama Oliech’s restaurant in Nairobi. This was executed after Mark gave a surprise visit for lunch. Zuckerberg enjoyed ugali served with fried tilapia whole fish. Many Kenyans started flocking in, silently imagining sitting where Zuker sat, to at least use the same cutlery.
  22. Barack Hussein Obama roots;I Have a Dream!’ was a public speech delivered by Martin Luther King Junior on August 28, 1963. Kenya fulfilled this dream 50 years later. The green lake at the front of the white house was fully packed to celebrate Barack Hussein Obama when he became the president of the USA. Obama has his parental roots in Kenya, particularly in Nyang’oma Kogelo, Nyanza County.
  23. Miguna Miguna:It is sad to say that the cancer of betrayal was ferociously attacking our liberation movement before the ink I had used to sign the oath of office on the people’s president had dried’ – Quoted from Treason by Miguna Miguna. This is a Kenyan citizen, with another citizenship in London. He has one name that repeats itself as the first and the last name. As a self-proclaimed general of the National resistance movement, he managed to swear in an opposition leader as a people’s president parallel to the national president after the 2017 general elections. This led to his deportation on what he termed to be unlawful.
  24. Nyama Choma: Nyama choma is a Swahili word for Barbeque, generally grilled meat. Many family gatherings, parties, and meetings among other events will list Nyama choma on the menu. Roasted beef, goat, chicken, goat, and pork just to name a few, will be embraced everywhere in every community right from rural to urban Kenya.
  25. The Big Five Wildlife: Kenya is a country with lions, rhinos, leopards, Elephants, and buffalos in its game reserves and conservancies.
  26. Weekend parties: Restaurants, bars, and clubs are lively over the weekends. Friends and colleagues will always hang up for cool parties, drinks, and Nyama Choma. They dance music spined by competitive DJs.
  27. The Sheng’ Slang: This is a language widely spoken among Kenyan youth. It is a forged language somewhere between Swahili and English. Sheng’ remains dynamic due to its innovation as it evolves day after day.  For example, ghetto means slum – and so far Kenyan has a legally operating broadcasting radio station with the name ‘Ghetto Radio’ operation in sheng’ slung.
  28. Tusker Beer: This brand of beer has been in the Kenyan market since 1922. Made of locally obtained ingredients, Tursker Cidar and Lite have remained a solid beer as its slogan indicates, ‘Imara kama Simba’ translated as solid beer.
  29. Beaches at the coastline: Diani Beach remains one of the spectacular white sandy beaches on the coast of Kenya. There are more beaches in Malindi, Lamu, and Watamu attracting both local and foreign tourists for holidays. Many individuals, friends, families, and institutions will choose these destinations for discoveries and retreats.
  30. Population: The population was estimated to be 50,950,879 as of the year 2018, with a fertility rate of 4.03. Census takes place every decade. However, the majority of the population being youth die at an early age due to crime, accidents, drug abuse, and depression. Boy child is at a very high risk due to exposure to death leaving behind many single mothers.
  31. Kenya ladies: Meet pretty queens who will always rejoice in themselves and indeed their circles of friends. One standing characteristic of Kenyan angels is that they will always seek self-empowerment as they work hard. They don’t care when collecting resources from Kenyan men in the form of bus fare, dowry, or subjecting responsibilities to boyfriends. A girl child will be hospitable and caring when you visit her — she will gently request to serve you a cup of tea translated as chai, serve you in the best clean thermos flask, and a reserved guest’s cup.
  32. Kenyan Culture: The Masaai community has retained its culture for many centuries. Other communities have different cultures like bullfighting, circuncissions, and many more.

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